Monday, February 06, 2012

Snow. Snow. Snow.

So the snow finally got here! I love snow but wish it didn't cause so much disruption. Seeing undisturbed fresh snow is one of the most beautiful sights but when it comes to the next day and it's all sludgy and makes travelling a nigtmare it just isn't fun.

My boyfriend and I managed to drive up to London in the snow from Reading for our friends 20th but the rest of the party ended up not making it as the weather meant that their train couldn't get into central London! It was such a shame as we'd all been looking forward to meeting up as we haven't seen each other since we all went back to uni after Christmas. Ben and I had a little walk around London in the snow before heading back. It was really surreal wandering around with snow fluttering down, the city had a completely different feel to it. It was almost magical, so picturesque seeing the trees and buildings with a layer of white snow on them :)

Me fully wrapped up in Trafalgar Sq on Saturday night!
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