Sunday, April 27, 2014

Memory Lane, We're Here Again...

Back in the day, I was a huge Busted fan. Roll back to Primary School and you'd find me jumping around my bedroom to all their hits (I thought I was so cool!). When they split, I switched my allegiance to McFly and the girls and I went to see them a couple times throughout our school life. When the news came that the two bands were forming supergroup McBusted, there was no way I was missing out on seeing them! So, on Friday, the girls and I made our way to the O2 for a night full of childhood and school memories.

I took the opportunity to take my new Vagabonds for a spin, they're my new favourites! Chunky heel - check. Comfortable - check. Easy to walk in - check. Remind me of Spice Girl platform trainers - check. 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunshine and Snow...

On Saturday I jetted off to France to spend the week shooping down a mountain. Our annual ski trip is my favourite family holiday - it can never come quick enough! This year, we headed back to La Plagne and once again I got a bit snap happy… cue lots of mountain shots and hot chocolate the size of my head!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The London Coffee Festival...

On one of my many boring tube journeys to work I spotted a poster for The London Coffee Festival and knew it would be something right up my street. London - check, large amounts of coffee on offer - check!! So on Sunday, Ben and I took ourselves off to East London to sample the delights The London Coffee Festival had to offer. Seeing as the event was in Brick Lane there was obviously going to be an obligatory East London outfit photo!

For someone who loves coffee and chocolate this was a dream day, I lost count of the number of different blends I tried and the number of times I went back to the Green and Blacks stall for yet another sample of their chocolate! Alongside the highstreet chains, they were plenty of artisan coffee makers and independent companies - Ben and I had a delicious latte from a shop based in Leeds made from beans that had undertones of caramel. We also stumbled across a 'make it yourself' machine so Ben did his best impression of a barista and whipped up two expressoes (don't give up the day job just yet!). We rounded the day up with me getting my caricature drawn onto the side of a reusable Starbucks cup. Although I don't think it looks that much like me, I'm pretty impressed with the artists skills at he whacked it out in about two minutes! As much as it would be cool to rock up to Starbucks and get my typical caramel latte in my very own personalised cup I think this little gem is destined to be a memento of the day.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Nearly White Nail...

Every now and again, when I'm feeling adventurous, I will be bold and rock a white nail. I know it's very much a love it or hate it trend but I personally can't get enough of it. Saying that, sometimes it can be a little too much and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I can't get away with wearing it for work as it's a bit too in your face - cue the L'Or√©al Paris Color Riche Les Blancs range.

When Boots had their oh so great 3 for 2 offer on I picked up three of the shades purely for the fact that I am a sucker for a pastel nail. It wasn't until I tried out 856 Peache Neglige that noticed it was the perfect 'nearly white nail.' Where a full on white nail can sometimes be a little harsh, this particular varnish's pinky tones soften the edges and make it a lot more wearable. It's fast become one of my favourite go to polishes and I can see myself having to repurchase it in the not so distant future! 

Do you have any go to 'nearly white nail' favourites?
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