Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Baking...

To mark the ghoulish time of year that is Halloween, I decided it was time to get my baking hat back on! Making these Eerie Eyeball Cake Pops is really simple and I think they're the perfect scary treat.

- 100g Madeira cake
- 100g Oreo cookies
- 100g milk chocolate (melted)
- 200g white chocolate (melted)
- Smarties
- Icing pens

- Break the Madeira cake and Oreos into the bowl of a food processor, pour in the melted milk chocolate and whizz to combine
- Use your hands to roll them into about 10 walnut sized balls, chill for 2 hours until firm
- Push a cake pop stick/skewer into each and carefully spoon over the melted white chocolate. Stand the cake pops in a pumpkin and let the chocolate harden slightly before pressing a Smartie onto each one
- Chill the cake pops until they have set, then using the icing pens add a pupil to each eye ball and some wiggle red veins

I found the original recipe on the BBC Good Food website here. I didn't have a food processor so used a rolling pin to break the Oreos into fine crumbs and used our soup blitzer to crumble the Madeira cake.

Let me know if you give these scary treats a go!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Science Museum...

I've always loved a good old trip to a museum, when I was a kid, The Natural History Museum was my favourite. Whenever Ben and I go away, we normally end up in at least one museum or gallery but we realised that although we only live 30mins out of central London, we've never actually been to one together in our home town! That all changed yesterday though when we spent a fun packed day at The Science Museum. I think it's been about 10+ years since either of us had been and I couldn't really remember what was there other than it was very interactive - that certainly hasn't changed and the hours we spent they seemed to fly by! We landed on the moon, had a computer guess our sex by measuring our fingers and flew 360 in a fighter plane...

My inner science geek definitely came out yesterday, if only I could become an astronaut!!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Breakfast Post | #6...

I can't believe it's already time for another Breakfast Post! Where are the months going? Now that we're officially in Autumn and the weather is starting to turn (although this last week has been glorious!), and the duvet keeps you wrapped up for longer and longer each weekend, brunch is definitely the way forward! This weekend Ben and I took a trip to Kopapa for some tasty brunch treats. Just behind central Covent Garden, this trendy little place was fully booked but we luckily managed to get a seat at the bar area and ordered our food from there. Having done a little investigating before we came, I already knew I was going to get the "Turkish eggs" - 2 poached eggs with whipped yoghurt, hot chilli butter and 2 slices of toast. After much umming and ahhing, Ben went for the bacon Kopapa Fry Up.

Never have I ever tasted anything as smooth and scrumptious as Kopapa's "Turkish eggs" - they were poached to perfection, had just the right amount of heat from the chilli and who knew throwing yoghurt into the mix would create such an amazing taste/texture?! Being someone who normally likes something sweet for breakfast, I usually only pick savoury dishes when I want to try something new; I however, would go back and have this dish everyday if I could! 

There were plenty of other things on the menu that I wanted to try - the salted caramel milkshake sounded heavenly. They also had some pretty good looking doughnuts on offer but I somehow managed to resist, until next time...

I'd recommend booking if you're thinking of treating yourself to some breakfast here to avoid any potential disappointment!

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