Sunday, July 27, 2014

The View On The Way Down...

All Emma knows is that her eldest brother died and on the day of his funeral, her other brother disappeared. Five years later and she begins to see the cracks in the explanation her parents gave her about Kit’s death and starts to question why the family don’t talk about Jamie or the reason he left.

Written from several characters’ viewpoints, Rebecca Wait charts the devastating effect depression has on not only the person diagnosed with depression, but also the lives of those who care about them. As a reader, experiencing the events from several vantage points you feel for everyone involved in this tragic story and you begin to understand decisions certain characters make even if you could never imagine doing them yourself.

What started out as a simple need to find out the story behind a death and a disappearance quickly became a need to find out how characters would cope once life changing revelations were made. Without wanting to spoil the story, I found myself thinking long after finishing the book about the actions of one particular character. I’m not sure I could do what they did but it is a testament to Wait’s portrayal of a life-sapping illness that I found myself understanding the motives of a fictional character and wishing other characters in the story would do the same.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Graduation Take Two...

Ok so it's not exactly Graduation Take Two but almost. On Friday I donned a new frock and went to celebrate with Ben and his family as he officially left uni and graduated. I know it's very cliched but I felt so proud of him, it was great to see him so relaxed after seeing all the hard work he's put in this year. 
I couldn't resist reliving my graduation so just had to put on Ben's mortarboard! The day really reminded me that we're onto the next stage of our lives and whilst it's pretty scary, I also can't wait.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Breakfast Post | #3...

For our third breakfast outing, Ben and I decided to head to the Clerkenwell branch of Workshop Coffee Co as it is a handy two minute walk from my work and about 15 minutes from Ben's. I'd heard some good things about this trendy little place and it didn't disappoint! I think it goes without saying that you know you're going to get some pretty good coffee in this place but the food is also worth dropping in for. If you looking for a menu that offers you some classics alongside more quirky offerings, then this is the place to be. 

Whilst my dish may just look like your average breakfast with some eggs thrown on top, underneath there was a tangy mix of chorizo, sweet potato cake, braised beans, roasted tomato and spinach (I definitely didn't need lunch that day!). I really enjoyed the edge this breakfast had particularly the yummy beans. 

Ben went for a more traditional breakfast, scrambled egg on toast, but opted for a side of halloumi cheese for that little twist. Judging by his reaction (and the fact that he's addicted to halloumi), I was not surprised to hear him rave about the dish.

If you're ever in the Clerkenwell area, make sure you stop by this perfect little breakfast joint!

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