Monday, December 17, 2012

It's A New Day, It's A New Dawn...

I'm a bit early with the resolutions, but I've decided that I want to write more and expand what I write about. Because of this, there's going to be a few changes on here. I started this blog as a sort of diary to keep a record of things that I've done, and I'm still going to use it for this purpose but I'm also going to use it as an outlet for some of my writing :) 

So, to get things started, I've written a review of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which I saw on Friday...

Source: Google Images

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
My first experience with The Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit, was when I attempted to read it about ten years ago. I didn’t get very far and unfortunately gave up on it. On hearing it was being made into a film, I was excited to see it. Foolishly, I nearly let the not so complementary reviews of Peter Jackson’s adaptation dictate whether or not I should see the new film. Thankfully I did see it, and what a treat it was!

On arriving at the Odeon Leicester Square on Friday, I was greeted with a legion of dedicated fans queuing to get into the cinema. Many a hobbit and Gandalf were roaming the capital and I did feel a little fraudulent for being there seeing as I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to see the three hour spectacle. None the less, I took my seat and was pleasantly surprised.

Having watched The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I knew what to expect from The Shire and the creatures that reside within Tolkien’s world. There was the usual mix of good and evil, but The Hobbit has a brilliantly funny side to it too. Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in particular has some wonderfully witty one liners. His scene with Andy Serkis as Gollum is a stand out moment purely for the comedic undertones that accompany their heated and jumpy exchange. All in all, it results in the film being a heady mix of light-heartedness and serious action. 

There’s been wide spread criticism of Jackson’s use of 48 frames per second (fps) rather than the conventional 24fps for filming, with people stating it looks like poor quality HD TV. I’m no expert in this matter but I found the filming to be clear and sharp. The 3D was incredible; it was like the actors were holograms. They stood out against the background like they could step out of the screen at any time. It was magical. I forgot I was watching, it was like I had delved into Tolkien’s pages and was wandering among the elves and stretching landscapes with the dwarves on their mission.

The major flaw in the film is its length. Three hours is a long time to sit through any film, let alone one where you are required to wear 3D glasses. The story isn’t even finished either. How Jackson has managed to turn a 300-odd page book into three films is an almighty stretch. When compared to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it does seem a little excessive. It brings up the question of whether this decision was made in order to honour the book or if it’s an elaborate money making scheme building on the success of an already popular trilogy? 

The Hobbit however, will draw audiences. Hard-core fans to the general public alike will go to see the film, and putting length aside, should enjoy the visualisation of Tolkien’s words. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life according to my phone...

So third year is all go go go at the moment and my time has been taken up with writing the first draft of two of my dissertation chapters. Now that I've got that done and submitted, all that remains is two choreography shows, five practical assessments, one reflective essay and one dance review to be done before Christmas (ha)!! The next month can't go quickly enough but the thought of all that has to be packed in is quite daunting. At least over Christmas I'll actually get a break :)

So nothing that interesting has happened in the last few weeks as I've been a hermit locked in my room writing away so I thought I'd do another instgram collage post. I know they're a bit boring but I like to make them to remind me that there are other things to life than writing essays! 

Dissertation, Loving glittery nails at the moment, It's starting to look a lot like Christmas, Ben and I last Saturday, My new fave shoes :)
Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit! When is it officially okay to start watching xmas films? Surely now the Coke advert is on it's cool?!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nails, nails, nails...

As you all probably know by now, I love nail varnish and nail art so I took full advantage of my friends brilliant skills this week. She's a fully trained nail technician who specializes in gels and she is amazing! I decided to go really girly and get a pink base with darker pink roses on top. This is the first time I've had gels and I love them :) I really hate it when my nails chip so this is the perfect solution!!

My photo from Instagram, Shani's photo from Instagram

 Mine and Ben's trip to New York is only 2 days away, fingers crossed Hurricane Sandy doesn't get any worse, it already looks like it's going to affect our visit!

As A Blonde.♥


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am officially the world's worst blogger...

Okkkkkk, so I literally have been the worst when it comes to blogging!! It's been about 2 months since I last came on here and I don't really have an excuse as to why, other than I fell a little out of love with my blog. Now that I've been back at uni for a month I think it's time to get back into the swing of things :)

This post is going to be a "what I've been up to" kinda thing and hopefully isn't boring! So... since August a few notable things have happened, firstly my third and final year of uni is fully underway (scary). Usually coming back to uni is bittersweet as I love my course but get very homesick, however this year it feels a bit different - I didn't cry when I got back for one thing! I don't know if it's just after 3 years I've finally got used to coming back or that because it's my last year I know this is it. I have to make the most of uni while it's still available to me!? 

The other major thing is that Ben and I have both turned 21 :) Last weekend was my birthday and it was the greatest birthday ever!! My whole family got together on Saturday for a little afternoon celebration then I went to Kanaloa in London with some school friends and had scrummy cocktails :)

This is what my phone shows has happened in the last two months:
Ben and I in my SU, My birthday cupcake bouquet, Me and my bestest Amy at Ben's 21st, Me at Kanaloa, Ben and I at Funky MoJo's for his 21st :)

My last birthday cupcake before I had it for breakfast, Ben in his Microsoft outfit, One of the delicious cocktails at Kanaloa, Fave chocs, Shake-a-Delic milkshakes, Me and my sis on my 21st :)
One of the biggest surprises of my birthday is that Ben and I are off to New York in 12 days :D I'm so excited and cannot wait! If anyone has been before and recommends anything please let me know, we want to try and explore as much as we can. 

How's everyone feeling now winter is starting to rear its head? Too early to start thinking about Christmas? ha

As A Blonde.♥

Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Leopard Can Never Change its Spots...

So yesterday I went shopping and couldn't resist buying this dress from H&M. I'd told myself that I wasn't allowed to buy any more summery dresses as I have enough now to wear a different one every day of the week but at £7.99 my willpower was not strong enough! 

I really love the leopard print pattern and that's what sold it to me. I'm going to wear this outfit on Saturday for my best friend's 20th :) I'll probably do a proper outfit post on it then.

I also bought some Sally Hansen products as my nails are in need of some tender loving care. Seeing as I've painted my nails every week for the last 3 years, they are not in the best condition - I think this is also due to me using nail varnish remover that contains acetone! I decided to buy the advanced hard as nails strengthener as it is supposed to help improve weak and flaky nails. Hopefully it works well!

The second product I bought was, the insta-dri top coat as I always end up denting my freshly painted nails because I'm too impatient when it comes to waiting for them to fully dry. Having used it yesterday, I can safely say I love it. Having my nails dry so quickly is like a miracle haha. Finally, I decided to use my Boots points and get a Nailene French Tip pen as I love a French Manicure. I just think there's something so elegant about that particular manicure. I've never used a pen before and it was a bit strange but I found it pretty easy to use. I particularly like the extra precision the pen gives you.

Have any of you recently bought any new products that you love/now can't live without?

As A Blonde.♥

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Fever...

So firstly, massive apologises for the lack of posts recently. I was just feeling generally mehh about my blog but I'm back on track and raring to go :)

So the Olympics is finally here!! :D In a matter of hours the Opening Ceremony will start and I cannot wait. I'm so excited to see what the show has to offer. I'm slightly gutted that I didn't get my act together and apply to perform in it like so many people I know but never mind. I can sit at home and watch the event with the boyf so all is good!

I'm well and truly in the Olympics mood and have been since Sunday when I went to watch one of my close friend's Mum run with the Olympic torch. It was so crazy seeing someone I know being part of the Olympic Torch Relay! 

As you probably know from my previous posts, I do love to paint my nails and today is no exception! I've gone all patriotic and done an Olympic themed design. Go Team GB!! 

I hope everyone is suitably excited for the Olympics and enjoys the Opening Ceremony tonight :)

As A Blonde.♥

P.s. You may have noticed I've jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. Feel free to follow me - sophie_alice91

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gotta love a bargain...

I'm off out for a catch up dinner with my best friend as we're now both back from uni :) What better time to take out my new ebay purchase?! I've been looking for a bowler type bag for a while now and I saw a studded one when I was out shopping. Although I loved it, on my student budget I couldn't justify the £25 it cost as I didn't really need it. Then, my wonderful sister found this bag that looked exactly the same for £8.99!! I was a bit worried about it being navy but I love it. 

I was also a bit naughty and bought this skull scarf from Primark but at £3 how could I not?!
As A Blonde.♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Party time...

Today, I'm going with Ben and his family to visit his Nan down in West Sussex for her birthday. It should be a really lovely day :) I was in a bit of a predicament as to what to wear but then I remembered I bought this playsuit form H&M a little while back and still haven't worn it yet! I think paired with tights, it's a good smart/casual combo.

You might have seen on my twitter that I tried to do some galaxy inspired nails but it didn't really work/look like how it was supposed to. I still like how they've come out though :) Just need to keep practising I guess!

As A Blonde.♥

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One swallow alone does not make the summer...

On a recent trip to Primark I found the most gorgeous skirt. I've been looking for one of those skirts that's got a shorter hem at the front than the back (not sure of the technical term ha!) and I finally found one that I loved. 

I teemed it with my new Topshop cropped white t-shirt so that the brown belt the skirt came with could be seen. I love the swishy feel of the skirt, I feel very girly when I wear it :) Now the rain just needs to permanently stop so I can get out all the summer clothes I'm dying to wear! 

As A Blonde.♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Award

The wonderful Guin from GeeBeeBeauty nominated me for this award and I can't thank her enough. Being a blogging newbie, this means a lot to me as I still feel a bit self concious regarding my blog. It was lovely to have been thought of :)

Nomination Rules:
- Post the award image to your blog
- Link the person who awarded you
-Post 7 random things about you
- Nominate 8 other relatively new bloggers

7 Random Facts:
1. I'm a 1/4 French and have been to France every year since I was born
2. I love stationery. Absolutely adore it. I once stated I was in "stationery heaven"
3. I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to writing. I hate it when I make a mistake and usually start again
4. I'm not really that keen on cooking but I love baking (especially cupcakes)
5. I've recently decided that as much as I love performing, I now want to pursue a career in Dance Journalism
6. I really want my nosed pierced but I'm too scared to actually get it done
7. Even though I'm technically an adult, I still feel as though I'm 12 and the thought of being a "real adult" freaks me out, yet at the same time I can't wait to see how my life turns out

8 Nominees
Couture Girl
- Alright Blondie
- The Fashion Skeleton
- Poppy Does
- Caught Up In Cake
- simplyjustnatalie
- Lola In The Lounge
- Chloe's Nails

I love all these blogs so go check them out! :)

As A Blonde. ♥

Monday, June 11, 2012

Yummy yummy (even if I do say so myself)...

For my sister's birthday today, I made her a cake whilst she was at school. I used an all-in-one recipe as I didn't have much time. I've used good old Delia's recipe before but this time it didn't rise as well as I wanted it to but oh well! It still tasted good :) Again, my camera skills aren't very good. I'm a bit of a camera novice really! 

As A Blonde. ♥

Friday, June 08, 2012

It's all gone a bit aztec...

If you saw my post on my Barry M collection, you'll probably have guessed I love nail varnish and having my nails painted a variety of colours. Yesterday I was a bit bored so decided to look on Youtube to find some simple nail art tutorials. There were loads of cute designs but I don't have a dotting tool so thought it would be hard to achieve most of the ones that I looked at. I also came across some aztec designs that looked incredible and couldn't believe how simple they were to do on yourself! For the design I did on myself I took inspiration from a few different videos. Sorry for the dodgy photos, the lighting in my room was awful and I didn't have much time to take the pictures.

The process was really simple, I painted my nails with the light blue then painted different angled lines with the dark blue and coral. Once they were dry, I outlined the shapes I'd made with the bright colours with my black Model's Own nail art pen. I filled the gaps that were left with dots and a variety of lines to make the aztec look complete!

Are there any designs you've tried out recently that were surprisingly easy but looked great? 

As A Blonde. ♥

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The jury's out...

I first got introduced to Les Mis by my parents when I was about 8 years old. They went to see it before I was born and often played the album from the West End production at dinner. My sister and I soon knew the words to the songs even though we'd never seen it. I have to admit that although it was fun as an 8 year old to sing along to the album, I wasn't all that keen to actually see the show. All I knew was it was set in France, about a revolution and that my Dad fell asleep when he went to see it.

It wasn't until I was in Sixth Form that I actually got to see the show and the predominant reason for me going was because Nick Jonas was staring in it for a few weeks (shallow I know!) As it so happens, I fell in love with the show and it has become one of my all time favourite musicals. I've seen quite a few musicals over the years due to my interest in dance but never seen one like Les Mis. It's not the typical all singing, all dancing show that you often get but actually quite sad, it definitely gets to you emotionally! If you ever get the chance to see it, I could not recommend it highly enough. It's just one of those things you have to see.

When I heard about the film version that was being made, I wasn't really sure what to think. Today, I watched the teaser trailer for the first time.

After watching the trailer several times, I'm still unsure of what to make of the film. At first all I could think about was that nothing would live up to the west end show but the more I watch the short clip, the more I like it. Nothing will beat seeing people perform the show live but I think the film may actually not be that bad. Fingers crossed it isn't a massive disappointment!

As A Blonde. ♥

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pretty in pink...

I didn't actually wear this outfit today but I did wear it this weekend when the family and I visited my Aunt and Uncle. What with the weather being so glorious, it was the perfect time for me to wear my bargain £6 dress from Primark that I bought a few weeks back. I originally intended to just wear it as a beach dress but thought with a cropped vest top underneath it, I could get away with wearing it as a casual summer dress. 

They had the dress in quite a few colours but being the bit of a girly girl that I am, I naturally opted for pink! I really like the detailed top and feel very summery when I wear this dress. The ear cuff is from Topshop and I bought it when I was still back at uni as I fell in love with the feather especially the burnt orange colour :) I'm not really a tattoo kind of person (I'm too much of a wimp) but if I ever did get one, I think it would definitely have to be a feather design.
Fingers crossed this weather holds out because I'm loving it. Although. it does make me want to go on holiday! 

As A Blonde. ♥


Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprise, surprise...

Yesterday, Ben took me on a surprise day out for our 18 month anniversary. All he told me was that I had to be at his house and ready to go by 9.30am! We had the best day, I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

We started the day by having brunch in a lovely restaurant in Blackheath then as the weather was so gorgeous, we walked up the hill to Greenwich Park. I love this park as it reminds me of my childhood and cycling there with my family and spending the day playing with my sister. We walked to the observatory so that we could look at the view of London and to see how the Olympic preparations are coming along.

We then headed to the newly refurbished Cutty Sark and the down to the River Thames so that we could get a clipper to the London Eye. I've never been on a Thames Clipper before but it is a really lovely way of getting into the capital if you're not in a rush and if the weather is good. It's basically a river taxi and took us 45mins to get from Greenwich to the Southbank which in the glorious sunshine was lovely. You get brilliant views of London landmarks on your journey and is well worth the £4 that is cost us!

As another part of the day, Ben took me to Hyde Park and we hired a pedalo. It was so much fun being on the water and just chilling in the afternoon sun. I was slightly paranoid I was going to drop my camera in the water though! 

For the final and main part of the day, we went to see a show called "Cantina" which was showing as part of the events that are happening at the Southbank. The performance was a sort of quirky circus act. We were directed into a old fashioned circus tent and sat in the round surrounding a small raised stage and tightrope. The show was amazing!! One of the women walked on the tightrope in platform heels - I have absolutely no idea how she did it! All the performers were incredible, they were so powerful and so skilled. If any of you get the chance to go to London, you should definitely see the show, I think it's on until September. 

As A Blonde. ♥

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baking in the sun...

So today Ben and I got a bit bored just sitting in the sun and decided to do some baking (as you do!). The other week I was flicking through the tv channels and ended up watching Saturday Cookbook on ITV as they were making chocolatey desserts :) One of the chefs made a brownie sundae and the brownies looked delicious so we had a go at making them today. We both don't like the cherries or nuts that were in the original recipe so altered it to our taste.

We also made a 'Summer Smoothie' in the new blender we bought at the weekend. They tasted sooo good :) To make it, we mixed a banana, a handful of frozen raspberries, some fat-free natural yogurt, some apple juice, a handful of ice and a tablespoon of honey. Nothing beats a refreshing fruit smoothie in the great summer sun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather that's finally decided to grace us with our presence. England in the sunshine is beautiful :) 

As A Blonde. ♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bit of a weakness...

So it appears that I have a bit of a weakness for Barry M nail varnishes. I just love them! My collection just gets bigger and bigger but I can't seem to stop buying them. I love the pastel colours they have like Peach Melba, Mint Green and Berry Ice Cream :) I've even got my eye on a new one at the moment, it's a glittery pink that I can only seem to find in Superdrug! I think I've worn Barry M practically everyday for the last 3 years! It's definitely part of my daily essentials. 

There's a few other things that I recently can't live without. I only got No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream  last weekend and I am already obsessed with it! I've been trying to find a moisturiser that isn't too greasy and this literally is the most perfect cream. It comes in three different types depending on your skin type so I went for the middle one as my face isn't really too dry or too oily, just in need of some tender loving care now that winter is over. It goes on really nicely and doesn't leave you feeling like you've just slapped a layer of junk on your face! It also smells nice too which is a bonus :) I've found that it's provided a really good base for my make up too. I use a powder foundation so if my skin is dry then it's really noticeable that my skin doesn't look smooth. This cream made my skin smooth and soft from practically the first time I used it, I'll definitely be buying it again :)

John Frieda 3 Day Straight Spray
No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream
Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume
Barry M nail varnish

A staple that is always in my handbag is Vaseline. It is a must have for me as I hate having dry lips. I'm also not a massive lipstick/lipgloss wearer so I love Vaseline's Rosy Lips as it has a slight pink tint to it. It adds a bit of colour without being too over the top which suits the minimal make up look that I have going on a the moment. 

Are there any must haves you can't live without? Discovered anything new recently that you now love?

As A Blonde. ♥


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here goes...

So I've been wanting to do some sort of outfit post for a while now but never really had the guts to do it but today I thought what the hell! This is what I wore to meet up with my friend Lauren for lunch today as she was back from uni revising for her exams. We had a lovely catch up reminiscing about our time at school and how quickly the 2 years since we left have gone! 

Cardie: H&M  Shirt: New Look  Jeans: Topshop
 I've been looking for a new pair of jeans for a while now and found these at the weekend. I've never gone for high waisted trousers before but I fell in love with these when I tried them on!  I love that new clothes feeling and think I'll definitely be wearing these jeans all the time :)

As A Blonde. ♥


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And so summer begins...

These last few weeks have been pretty busy, I've finished my 2nd year of Uni, had Summer Ball and packed my stuff up to come home. Summer Ball was brilliant, although I'm a little disappointed that the photos haven't come out great. It was so nice to be able to get all dressed up even if it was really cold. Dancing to S Club 3 had to be a highlight haha. It brought back so many memories of Primary School and how I used to make up dances to all their songs! 

Today was a bit of a special day as The Queen and Prince Philip came to my home town as part of The Jubilee Celebrations. It was great to feel the sense of community and even though it was raining so many people came out to see her :) I have to admit, I was so distracted by taking photos that I forgot to take a proper look at her!! But never mind, I was still there celebrating the milestone and will be able to tell my children all about it in the future. I'm looking forward to the street party my boyfriend's road is having on 3rd June. Fingers crossed the weather improves! 

As A Blonde. ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And back to work I go...

So I came back to uni on Monday after having 2 weeks off for Easter. They were such a good few weeks, I got to spend some well needed time with the family and met up with my friends. It was so lovely seeing them again and just the wait for summer even more unbearable!  

I've only got 3 weeks left at uni until the summer which I'm really excited about but it's also very scary as then I'll only have a year left until I've finished my degree and have to become a proper adult! A very scary thought that I don't like to dwell on too much. I just want to have a brilliant summer and enjoy being 20 :)

As A Blonde. ♥


Friday, March 23, 2012

Eggs, Bunnies and all things fluffy...

It's nearly the Easter holidays, yayyyyy! :) I'm really looking forward to going home, it's getting to that time in the term where I need a break. I'm looking forward to going skiing then just chilling for a week with all my friends from home. I haven't seen them properly since the last time we were all back at Christmas! I caught up with a few of them on Wednesday when I went to Guildford which was really nice :) As much as I like my course and everything at uni, I miss my friends so much, it's made me really appreciate the times we has together at school. Even though I loved school and I know I'm not old, but if I had to tell a younger version of myself anything it would be: enjoy school as much as you can and make the most of any opportunities as they really are some of the best times you'll have with people that you can't replace.

As A Blonde ♥

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