Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life according to my phone...

So third year is all go go go at the moment and my time has been taken up with writing the first draft of two of my dissertation chapters. Now that I've got that done and submitted, all that remains is two choreography shows, five practical assessments, one reflective essay and one dance review to be done before Christmas (ha)!! The next month can't go quickly enough but the thought of all that has to be packed in is quite daunting. At least over Christmas I'll actually get a break :)

So nothing that interesting has happened in the last few weeks as I've been a hermit locked in my room writing away so I thought I'd do another instgram collage post. I know they're a bit boring but I like to make them to remind me that there are other things to life than writing essays! 

Dissertation, Loving glittery nails at the moment, It's starting to look a lot like Christmas, Ben and I last Saturday, My new fave shoes :)
Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit! When is it officially okay to start watching xmas films? Surely now the Coke advert is on it's cool?!

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