Thursday, July 25, 2013

Treating Myself...

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just started a new job. It's for a small company based in London not too far from Buckingham Palace and I'm really enjoying it! One bonus of a job is obviously getting paid and with my first pay packet, I decided to treat myself. Purse in hand I headed to the Zara sale. I already knew that I wanted to get a bag but there was so many goodies in there that tempted me!

In the end, I managed to stay restrained and bought a bag and a pair of heels. If it's possible, I think I'm in love with an accessory! My 6.30am starts are made better by the fact that I get to use this gorgeous bag. 

Now that I've got a full time job, I can see myself popping into Zara a little bit too often for my purse's liking!! What can't you resist when you get paid?


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Smile For The Camera...

Sorry for the absence but I've been a busy little bee recently settling into my new job. Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat while I adjust to the 6.30am starts Monday to Friday but now, two weeks in, it's time to get back to it!

If you saw my Throwback Thursday post, you will know that my bedroom has had a bit of an update. It's nothing major, just a little spruce bringing it into a more 'sophisticated' realm seeing as it was originally decorated when I was 13! It involved creating a feature wall with some Laura Ashley wallpaper and getting a few new bits of furniture. The main thing that I've done accessories wise is making a photo wall. 

For my 21st, my uni housemates bought me a photo frame that holds 12 photos from Next. When I went in there a few weeks ago, I saw that they still had them and inspiration struck! I bought two more of these frames, one in black and one in white, so that I had three in total to create my photo wall. The frame the girls got me is full of photos from my three years at uni, whilst the other two contain pictures of my school friends and family. 

I'm really happy with the frames and my wall. I love photos and being able to display them; they are the perfect way to remind me of all my favourite people.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Funniness...

For our date night, Ben and I decided to head to the cinema and watch The Internship. I wanted to see it as the trailer made me chuckle plus since I've started watching Teen Wolf I have a not so secret love for Dylan O'Brien! Luckily Ben also wanted to see it as he is currently doing an internship for a similar company to Google which is the main focus for the film.

What's right? - Besides Dylan O'Brien on top sarcastic form, the film's portrayal of technology illiterate adults makes for some entertaining scenes. It reminded me of the countless times that my parents have been confused by new technology making Vaughn and Wilson's characters quite endearing. The Quidditch scene for me was one of the best parts of the film purely for the fact it satisfied the inner Harry Potter nerd in me like I'm sure it did for countless others. Generally, the film appealed to my slightly nerdy side as it followed the team of interns complete their challenges. 

What's wrong? - The film has a somewhat predictable plot, I guessed pretty early on that the "villain" would get his comeuppance in the end but that didn't really effect my viewing of the film. The only other disappointment is that this film has followed the trend and cast a British actor as the villain as many American movies seem to do - us Brits aren't all evil!

Overall, The Internship is not a serious award winning production but does what it says on the tin. It's an easy to watch, fun, lighthearted film that produces laughs. I'd recommend it purely for the chance to glimpse inside Google HQ!

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