Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Favourites...

It's monthly favourite time again and after what felt like the longest January in the history of time, I can't believe how quickly February went. Emotionally it was an odd month and being on a self-imposed spending ban means that Feb's faves are a little thin on the ground.

Some Kind Of Wonderful
If you couldn't already tell, I've somewhat recently come out of a long-term relationship so I was slightly hesitant to read Giovanna Fletcher's latest book. The tale of Lizzy who's boyfriend dumps her after 10 years rather than proposing was actually the perfect book to read. There were so many passages that resonated with me and despite it being fictional a little part of me felt hope that things do get better when you don't get the happy ever after you imagined. Aside from the personal/emotional connection, I love the world's that Giovanna creates and this one was no different! 

Hourglass Bronzer
Anyone else in some desperate need for some sunshine? I'm pale at the best of times so, in Winter, I start to resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost. I'm not that adventurous when it comes to make up, when I find something I like, I stick to it. For years I've been using Nars Laguna Bronzer but when I was in Liberty earlier this month, I couldn't resist stopping by the Hourglass counter. I picked up Luminous Bronze Light and so far have been loving it. I do use it very sparingly as it is very warm toned and can go on a bit heavy if I'm not careful but in general I\m enjoying switching up my daily products. I've even used this as an eyeshadow on days that I'm feeling bold!

New Hair
I used to be the person who hated going to the hairdressers, I'd go twice a year and that felt like too much. About a year and a half ago I decided to try George Northwood after seeing someone post about it on Instagram and boy am I glad I did. I am now a woman obsessed. I can't get enough - if I could go every month I would! I popped back in a couple of week's ago and of course popped the new do up on Insta

For anyone who has actually looked at my 'Behind The Blonde' page, you'll know that I did a Dance degree. Since graduating in 2013 (god that makes me feel old), I haven't taken any dance classes. Over Christmas, I decided that it was time to get back to what I loved doing for so many years and low and behold, I joined a Tap Company. I've been going since January and it's become a highlight of my week! The steps came flooding back after 8 years off tapping, now for my brain to catch up...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fake It Til You Make It...

For the last two years, I've used Instagram as a platform for trying to express my creativity rather than a general social media site that I randomly upload to. Where possible I try to plan the content I'm going to upload so that I can post every other day. In some ways, it's fake as rarely do I post photos in the moment. 

The day that I posted the above image on my Instagram I was actually feeling like a giant pile of crap. I'd done the thing that apparently a lot of single people do, check their ex's social media accounts despite knowing it would only make me feel bad. And low and behold I saw something that did make me feel shit and in a moment of anger text my ex. What followed was a day of extreme mixed emotions but what I certainly didn't feel like was the laughing girl in the image I posted on Instagram that evening. Yet I still posted it anyway. 

Does this make me a fake person or am I supposed to 'fake it until I make it,' in this case fake the laughter and happiness and hope that it will eventually be true? I'm never going to be the person that posts doom and gloom on my IG - apparently I save that for this blog - but is it detrimental to not be 'authentic'? I'm not sure I know the answer and maybe I'll re-read this post in a few days/weeks and take it down for being melodramatic but a little part of me feels better for writing this all down so maybe faking it does work...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Anti-Valentine's...

What happens when you're a true hopeless romantic but you find yourself alone on Valentine's Day after spending the last seven with the same person... This is the predicament I will find myself in this Wednesday when the 14th February inevitably rolls around. It's no secret that I'm a romantic at heart - why does it not happen like in the movies? - but after what I can safely say was a pretty shocking 2017 I've found myself predictably not really feeling the love vibes. Without wanting to sound like a debbie-downer, I thought it was an apt time to document some of the things I've observed.

Things that you suddenly notice when you're single:
  • You're guaranteed to spot at least one engagement ring on every tube journey that you take (now these were probably there before but for some reason, they jump out and mock my singleness)
  • Similarly, every other post on my Instagram explore page is a stranger getting engaged
  • Your brain likes to remind you of things that happened six years ago at the most inconvenient times. Hello 5AM, nice to see you!
  • A least three times a week you'll wonder if you'll be the girl who never finds 'The One' and ends up a cat-lady despite hating cats 
  • You find yourself in situations you would never have been in and meeting people who bring something to your life that enriches it and makes you have faith that there will be a day when you look back on everything and are glad it happened
  • You'll also realise that the people you chose as your 'group' more than a decade ago really are the greatest thing a girl could ask for 
  • You start to wonder if guys like Ansel Elgort (who are ALL about the IG PDAs) exist in real life and if they do, WHERE CAN I FIND ONE?!
Happy Valentine's, or maybe not...

*Side note: this isn’t supposed to be a doom and gloom post, it’s my attempt at humour...

Sunday, February 04, 2018

I Have A Thing For... Zara Tops

I’ve decided to start a new style series called ‘I Have A Thing For...’ Now I am by no means a fashion blogger but this is my attempt at documenting the fades and phases I go through. I’ve got a bit of an obsessive personality, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories, and it seems when I find something I love I then have to go out and buy said thing in every colour it comes in... anyone else? No - just me then.

To kick off this series, here is my latest obsession; the Zara high neck top. You may have spotted this pop up on my Insta but I am OBSESSED. I bought the red and the black version at the same time and I'm seriously considering getting the white one because buying the same top in three colours is normal behaviour...

The £16 price tag was enough to convince me that I couldn't leave without this top in my bag but the flattering fit sealed the deal. Combined with the fact I can wear it work and at weekends there really was no way I was going to talk myself out of buying it!
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