Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fake It Til You Make It...

For the last two years, I've used Instagram as a platform for trying to express my creativity rather than a general social media site that I randomly upload to. Where possible I try to plan the content I'm going to upload so that I can post every other day. In some ways, it's fake as rarely do I post photos in the moment. 

The day that I posted the above image on my Instagram I was actually feeling like a giant pile of crap. I'd done the thing that apparently a lot of single people do, check their ex's social media accounts despite knowing it would only make me feel bad. And low and behold I saw something that did make me feel shit and in a moment of anger text my ex. What followed was a day of extreme mixed emotions but what I certainly didn't feel like was the laughing girl in the image I posted on Instagram that evening. Yet I still posted it anyway. 

Does this make me a fake person or am I supposed to 'fake it until I make it,' in this case fake the laughter and happiness and hope that it will eventually be true? I'm never going to be the person that posts doom and gloom on my IG - apparently I save that for this blog - but is it detrimental to not be 'authentic'? I'm not sure I know the answer and maybe I'll re-read this post in a few days/weeks and take it down for being melodramatic but a little part of me feels better for writing this all down so maybe faking it does work...

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