Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baking in the sun...

So today Ben and I got a bit bored just sitting in the sun and decided to do some baking (as you do!). The other week I was flicking through the tv channels and ended up watching Saturday Cookbook on ITV as they were making chocolatey desserts :) One of the chefs made a brownie sundae and the brownies looked delicious so we had a go at making them today. We both don't like the cherries or nuts that were in the original recipe so altered it to our taste.

We also made a 'Summer Smoothie' in the new blender we bought at the weekend. They tasted sooo good :) To make it, we mixed a banana, a handful of frozen raspberries, some fat-free natural yogurt, some apple juice, a handful of ice and a tablespoon of honey. Nothing beats a refreshing fruit smoothie in the great summer sun!

Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather that's finally decided to grace us with our presence. England in the sunshine is beautiful :) 

As A Blonde. ♥


  1. great blog. i follow you now. follow me back please? :)

    1. Aww thanks :) I've followed back, cute blog!

      Sophie x


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