Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Breakfast Post | #4...

If you ever find yourself in the Tottenham Court Road area and in need of brunch, Gail's Kitchen is a must. We decided to try the "kitchen" but the food in the adjacent Gail's Artisan Bakery looked so deliciously tempting we almost didn't make it through the door to the restaurant side.

When the waitress brought the menu over she explained what 'Shakshuka' was as from the name and description it isn't particularly obvious. She obviously sold it really well as that's what I opted for!

Like last month's breakfast, I ended up with a bit of a quirky dish. When our food arrived, the first thing Ben commented on was the fact mine looked like I'd ordered a lasagne. Yes, it may look like that and not resemble breakfast/brunch but this rich, eggy, tomatoey, cheesy dish tasted heavenly! I personally love feta so this was right up my street; eggs baked over a tomato and pepper sauce with a generous grating of feta - what more could you want?

Ben decided to go for a dish of fried duck egg, chorizo and roasted potatoes, topped with tomato butter. According to him, the egg was expertly cooked, and the rich tomato sauce was a perfect accompaniment.

It's definitely a place we're looking forward to going back to!


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