Friday, March 22, 2013

A spot of lunch...

Since opening in Chichester last year, I have been dying to go to Bill's restaurant. Seeing Instagrams of their chocolate brownie milkshake left my taste buds watering! So last Saturday, I finally dragged Ben there and oh wow, the milkshake was heaven!!

Having not been to any Bill's restaurants before, I wasn't really sure what to expect but I really loved the chatty, friendly atmosphere. It was a nice casual environment where the staff didn't pester you and just let you get on with enjoying your food. There's a sort of eclectic feel to the place - there's lots of different food products lining the walls, low hanging chandeliers and placards with information about different foods.

It's a perfect place to go to have a catch up with friends or for a casual date. It's not too expensive, there's a variety of dishes and who can say no to a brownie milkshake?!

Next time I go I'm definitely going to try their halloumi and hummus in a sesame seed bun - it looks delicious!! 

Have any of you been to a Bill's? What would you recommend? 


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  1. I liked the atmosphere in the one I've been too but I chose macaroni cheese and didn't enjoy it :(


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