Saturday, May 18, 2013

The End...

The day has finally arrived. Today I packed my bags and left uni. It's safe to say that I've had a  mixed relationship with the whole uni experience but there is no denying that it's been life altering. 
1st year looking ultra cool in halls
In the last few days I've been in quite a reflective mood, I guess there's nothing like leaving something forever to make you reminisce! As much as I'm happy about leaving the dirtiness of student living behind, I will miss the last three years. I got to do something I love everyday of the semester, I met new people who I wouldn't otherwise have become friends with, I left the comfort of home and started to discover who I truly was. There's so much that uni has taught me and I'll forever be grateful for the experiences I have gained because of it. 

C1's last ever technique class :(
To celebrate the end of our three years at Chichester and for my housemate Danni's 21st we all headed to the SU for one last time. The annual Beach Party was the perfect way to end my years at uni. I got to spend it with my housemates and those that have made up my time at Chi. It still hasn't really sunk in that I'm not going back. 

Channeling 'Festival Chic' at the Beach Party
People say that uni will be the best years of your life, I'm still not sure if that is the case for me. Now that it's over I am appreciating the experience more but homesickness will always cloud my memories (not necessarily in a bad way though!). I think the best way to approach uni is to not try and apply other people's ideas and experiences of what it is to your own. At the end of the day uni is a personal experience for everyone and it's ok to love it but it's also ok to hate it at times.


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