Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ben's Birthday Weekend...

Last week was Ben's 23rd birthday and as a way of celebrating, we decided to spend some time exploring parts of London that we hadn't been to together. We started on Saturday by taking a stroll round Borough Market and grabbing a coffee from Monmouth. The prospect of joining a queue that went round the corner and half way down the street wasn't exactly what I'd been hoping for on a Saturday morning, but the wait was well worth it - definitely stop by this coffee house if you want the best tasting coffee! We then jumped on the tube and headed to The Saatchi Gallery as we both wanted to see the giant ants. 

On Sunday we hopped on a train bright and early to go and see the poppies at The Tower of London. It's such an impressive sight and a beautiful way to commemorate those who lost their lives fighting for our country. We found out that you can actually buy the poppies and once they are dismantled after November 11th they will be delivered to you, the money from the sale goes to six service charities. We then decided to go into the Tower of London as we'd both not been since we were little kids and I wanted to see the Crown Jewels (who wouldn't want to see diamonds the size of rocks!?). I forgot how much I love days out in London learning the history of the city I live in, it brought back lots of fond memories from childhood. 



  1. I love that last image - so impressive.. Also the display of poppies is beautifully haunting.

    1. Thank you, I recently got a new camera and this was the first day of trying it out! The poppies are such a spectacular sight, if you haven't already been, I'd definitely recommend it.
      Sophie x


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