Sunday, March 08, 2015

For The Women...

A bit of a different post from me this week. Today is International Women's Day and normally that would just slip past without me paying any attention to it. That changed this year mainly due to the company I now work for holding their annual charity lunch in aid of IWD on Friday. Being involved in helping set the event up and running the social media got me thinking about all the women who inspire me and how I'm definitely a woman's woman.

My Nan - Having lost my Granddad many years ago, my Nan continually inspires through her adventurous side. For the past 10 plus years, she has visited more places in this world than I can remember! She's jetted off to South Africa, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Peru, New Zealand, America... the list honestly goes on. She makes me want to travel and push myself to do more even when I'm feeling at my worst. 

My Mum - When she left school, my Mum knew she wanted to be a teacher but for one reason or another it didn't happen at that time. Fast forward a few years and when I was about 8, she went back to uni as a "mature" student. As cliched as it sounds, she didn't give up on her dream and she let me follow mine. I'll forever be greatful to my Mum - and Dad - for supporting me in my descision to follow my heart and do what a lot of people consider a "soft" degree. My Mum taught me to be strong and follow your heart. 

My Sister - Being an older sister is something that I think defines who I am. I'm Sophie, granddaughter, daughter and sister. Em and I follow the typical stereotypes, I'm the bossy older sibling, she's the more carefree one. As we've become adults, her attitude to life has inspired me to be a bit more chilled and less of a control freak! 

At my work's charity lunch, I was lucky enough to sit and listen to four incredible women speak about their lives and how they'd succeeded in each of their respected fields. Being at the beginning of my career, it can sometimes feel very daunting. One of the speakers' closing statement was "you can make your own luck" - I think it's important to remember this when life or work or relationships aren't going to plan. 

In the past, I wouldn't have classed myself as a feminist but I do passionately believe that there should be equality between men and women. Not just women being paid the same as men in the workplace but also men being treated the same as women in female heavy professions (coming from a dance background, I've seen and heard some ridiculous prejudices).

Now that I've rambled on forever (well done to anyone still reading!), I think the main point I'm trying to make is unfortunately women are still getting a raw deal more times than men are. Being born a certain gender shouldn't disadvantage you, not when the year is 2015! We shouldn't need a day to inspire and celebrate women's achievements - it should happen every day...
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