Sunday, February 07, 2016

Breakfast in Clapham...

Now that Ben and I are settled into our new flat, we decided it was time to get exploring and have breakfast in Clapham Old Town. As we were pretty peckish we opted for one of the first places we walked past, The Jam Tree

The Jam Tree doesn't have the largest menu but it was definitely difficult to choose what to have (I could have eaten pretty much all of the options!). In the end, I went with the Central American Breakfast; spicy scrambled egg, sour cream, avocado, refried beans and fresh curd cheese. Ben went for the meatiest option - the Cowboy Breakfast - consisting of  baby back ribs, pulled pork, potato hash, maple glazed bacon and eggs. It was a great (and tasty) way to start a Sunday morning. Also, a place that gives you sweets with the bill is always going to be a winner with me! Do you have any recommendations for places we should try in Clapham? Let me know! 

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