Monday, March 13, 2017

Accepting you...

'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent' - Eleanor Roosevelt

I've had this quote in my Twitter bio for as long as I can remember. Some time ago I made a conscious effort to not let other people's opinions/perceptions have an affect on me. I was fed up of worrying people didn't like me. Fed up of feeling like I should be more like {insert random name here}. After seeing this quote online, I decided to change my mindset to: 'all that matters is if I'm happy with me.'

Part of the problem with this mindset is, what happens when you're not happy with you? How do you get to that stage where you accept yourself for you. Where you embrace the fact you'll never be the girl who's up for partying every night. You're not the type of girl who has a thigh gap. You're the girl who loves nothing more than an evening in front of the tv watching Harvey Spector give someone some sass while eating a double decker.

If you read this post you'll know that putting my face in front of the camera is something I'm not actually that comfortable with. If I'm 100% honest, getting the shots for today's post gave me anxiety. Not because I'm scared of standing in front of a camera but because of how I see myself in the photos. From the 40 or so that we took, these two are the only ones I could bring myself to post. I've gone against my own personal mantra and let others make me feel less than I should. Or rather, I've let myself feel I should be more like the pictures I see online and on other blogs. I've let myself slip into comparison mode and it really is the thief of joy.

I guess it's an on-going process. As I said in January's post, I'm already one step ahead of where I was. I'm actually stepping in front of the camera and putting more of myself on here which is what I've wanted to do for a long time. If practice makes perfect, I better get back in front of the camera this weekend! So, here's to no thigh gap, acceptance and plenty more blog posts featuring pictures of me feeling like a right idiot.


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