Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Fun...

Each year, I go on a family holiday to France to visit our relatives and this year Ben came along with us. As it was his first time to the Dordogne, we made sure it was an action packed week; as well as showing Ben where my Nan grew up, we also did plenty of activities. We started the week canoeing down the river that runs threw the region.
It's safe to say that canoeing doesn't come naturally to me but we got there in the end! Canoeing down the river was the perfect way to show Ben the famous chateaus in the area whilst catching some rays. The next day, we ventured to a near by town called Padirac to visit the grotte. It's basically a huge hole leading to giant set of caves that have been carved naturally by water running through the ground. Inside there are giant stalactites and stalagmites that are thousands of years old.  

The Dordogne is full of pretty little villages and we took full advantage of having a car and bikes to explore many of them. I took so many photos of the places we visited, it was so hard to pick the ones to include! I think my favourite thing about going to France each year is revisiting all these picturesque places. I love the stone walls; when I was little, I used to think that they were princess houses as the stone reminded me of castles. 

We stayed in my great grandma house in the countryside so couldn't not go to the local market. Nothing beats getting fresh fruit and veg from the local farmer to go with your locally reared chicken! As the town where my great grandma lives has become more touristic, more street performers have started to make their way to cobbled roads. Throughout the day and night there are an array of performers; acrobats to mime artists roam amongst the tourists providing brilliant entertainment.

Sarlat market

Street entertainment in town
The final thing we did was take Ben to a duck farm to see how foie gras is made. I know that foie gras is a somewhat controversial food but the Dordogne is known for it's duck farms and duck produce and Ben wanted to see the process. My family and I have been to this farm before when I was 8 so knew that it was a good tour to take Ben on. I personally don't have any issues with foie gras and how it's made but for those who do please be warned I am including an image of a duck being force fed by the farmer's wife.
Ducks roaming around the farm
The size a force fed duck's liver reaches
I already miss being on holiday; there's something about being at my great grandma's that feels so homely.

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