Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's In My Bag - Holiday Edition...

Seeing as it's the summer holiday season, I thought I'd do a "What's In My Bag - Holiday Edition". For me, the holiday feeling starts as soon as I make a list of all the things I need to take with me. I'm a planner so I know exactly what needs to be in my hand luggage about 2 weeks before any trip. This post will be what I'm planning on having in my bag when I go away this month. 

When travelling, I like to take the largest bag I can find in order to get all my precious must haves on the plane with me (it also leaves plenty of room for any duty free!). My current go-to bag is my green polka dot Cath Kidston Travel Bag. I got this particular one from the outlet at Portsmouth. So far it has not let me down and I adore it.

Obviously the most important things in my travel bag are my much needed travel documents. Sticking with the Cath Kidston theme, I have a travel wallet in order to keep all my important things organised. This handy little wallet keeps my passport, health card, insurance details, flight info, tickets and money safe. 

I always like to pack a little make up bag with basic essentials in for a flight - I'm slightly paranoid about leaving all my make up in my suitcase and it getting lost in transit! It usually consists of foundation, concealer, mascara, powder and vaseline to moisturise my lips on the dehydrating flight. I also carry my perfume in my hand luggage so it doesn't get broken.

No trip would be enjoyable without a little entertainment for the flight - cue my electricals!  I never go anywhere without my iPod and iPad mini. The endless music, games and tv shows make any flight whiz by. I always keep my chargers in my hand luggage for the same reason I have my make up bag. I can't imagine how annoying it would be having the electronics but nothing to charge them with! I also always make sure I have a pen and notebook as you never know when blog inspiration may strike!

This is pretty much what I take on any holiday I go on. Do you have a set list of things that must be in your holiday hand luggage?


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