Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Winter Walk...

Who else loved waking up to snow this morning?! Despite generally being a person who loves Summer, there's something about snow that I absolutely love! As there was only light sprinkling here and it had already started to melt by the time Ben and I were up, we decided to head to Greenwich park for a winter walk. 

First on the agenda was a nice hot coffee so we stopped off in Blackheath en route. We then walked to the observatory in Greenwich park to look at the view. Despite having see this view hundreds of times over the years, it never gets old. It's a constant reminder that where I grew up I got the best of both worlds - green parks and the ease of being in Central London within 25 minutes! I think the view was made all the more poignant as this weekend marks the end of an era as Ben and I are finally moving out of home! This time next week we should be all moved in to our flat on the other side of London!! If you have any tips for packing up 24 years' worth of belongings then let me know...



  1. That coffee looks delicious! I love a good old winter walk! Lovely post x

    1. It was fab, I was in need of a serious caffeine hit and it worked wonders haha!

      Sophie x


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