Sunday, January 22, 2017

5 Things I've Learnt Since Moving Out...

This Tuesday marks one year since I moved out of home. 365 full days of living with Ben in our little flat in Clapham. 8760 hours of adulting! To commemorate this landmark, I thought I'd sum up some of the things I've learnt since moving out: 

1. I'm actually pretty lazy (cooking? ironing? changing the sheets? You name it, I'll find any reason not to do it...) 

2. Moving out means you suddenly become obsessed with all things interiors. I now have an appreciation for why my parents spent so long in the home section of shops! 

3. You can never own too many candles

4. Nothing beats a quiet Sunday morning in bed. Fresh sheets, coffee in hand and Person Of Interest on Netflix. 

5. Mum made cooking look a hell of a lot easier and quicker than it actually is


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